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Jesús Mateos Brea - Meta49

In the summer of 2000 I painted for first time on a wall, at night but without fear, in front of the entire world without feeling of doing something wrong although I hadn’t permission, what wrong could be? I thought. In fact is that time graffiti in Plasencia was incipient and the people didn’t know how to respond, I must had luck, because only some months later all has been changed.

My leap to graffiti was something natural, an evolution, I always had been be a very creative child, I filled folders with thousands of drawings and the walls of my home that it resulted in a drawing lessons, more similar like a nursery than a education, althought Loli was brilliant.

I painted my first works with unconditional support of my parents, at home my hobby never was a secret, for that, probably I can live of them, thank a lot. At present I work at the design studio that Rocio and I have started up in Cáceres: Acuadros. Our job permit us live working in something that we love and this is more that a lot of people can wish.

Invited to numerous graffiti exhibitions around all Spain territory and Morocco, graffiti as well as an urban art is, undoubtedly , one of the better ways that can exists to make new friends and know new places, a never ending source of stories, laughs. It’s in constantly evolutions and it cry out RESPECT

In recent years, the road still has awakened in me the desire to learn and be trained to understand much better what I do and where I am studying History of Art, registered since 2009 in the printmaking workshop of the School of BB.AA. Eulogio Blasco in Cáceres and complete my training with courses such as those made at the International Center of Contemporary Print in Betanzos (A Coruña). This new stage is entering me into the world of graphic art in all its variants a new field with a myriad of techniques to explore and where to continue to develop as an artist.

- Graffiti Mags

Since 2003 regulars appears in Graffiti Magazines from Spain like: Negativos, Wanted, Hip Hop Nation, Hip Flow and Graffito.

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